Our Mission

ASENO is developing a next generation decision support platform. Our vision is to create a world in which people have affordable access to quality content while enjoying a pleasant, relevant user experience. 


We strongly believe in the "shared value" approach.

Our Five-Step Plan for Your Success!

Step  1   -  Get to Know

We offer a free webinar. With an hour, ASENO engineers will figure out what our customers' goals, needs and pain points are. If ASENO can help, we will discuss different options based on our experience. 

At the end of our webinar, the ASENO engineers will provide initial feedback! 

Step  2   -  Create a Concept

ASSENO creates a concept with the aim of providing an offer with a cost estimate.

Here we offer a day workshop to exactly understand the requirements of our customers.

Based on the workshop, we create a concept with a business and technical focus. We offer solutions in sizes S, M, L and XL. The customer can start with S and later switch to L or XL.

The result is a concept! with an existing schedule to complete the project. All costs are transparent and fixed.

Step  3   -  Doing the Right Job

Developing, Testing & most important - Customer Feedback-Loop!


ASENO initializes a customer-specific project. Resources, data pipelines and a special team with the required know-how is formed to fulfill the project on time & best quality possible.

Agile development. Every 2 weeks ASENO presents the progress of the current work. The customer can submit feedback and change requests. Test & communication with the customer are provided on a weekly basis.

Step  4   -  Hand Over

Delivery the final product including documentation and know-how transfer to the customer. Our team takes care that the customer is satisfied with the final product / work.

Step  5   -  Keep on Helping

We do not leave our customers on its own after we finished the good work. From time to time a software needs to be updated, customers wish more functionalities or changes.

ASENO offers a support and additional service if needed/ required.

At ASENO we believe that successful people never stop learning. As a partner of several IT companies in Germany with more than 20 years of experience, ASENO has access to more than 100 TOP experienced Software & Data Engineers.


Our vision is to create a world in which people have affordable access to quality content while enjoying a pleasant, relevant user experience.

We strongly believe in the "shared value" approach – the idea that our business success and social well-being of our communities are mutually dependent. This means we need to adapt to meet the changing needs of our customers and partner. To do this, we consider social, economic and environment impacts in our decision-making so that we can all thrive into the future.

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