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Abstract Background

Use Data to Get a

360-Degree View

of Your Business

Business Model 

Which products do your customers need and how can you provide new services by using the data you have currently available?

ASENO would love to help you discover new opportunities.

Meaningful Business Data

Are your business decisions based on your customer data? can you ask and answer questions with data while receiving new customer order?

With us you will find hidden insights you have never seen before!

Infrastructure & Software

The IT infrastructure and the appropriate software are crucial for every success. 

Do not try to reinvent the wheel!

Let ASENO help you introduce the best for your enterprise. 

Unprecedented Velocity
Impeccable Reliability

ASENO helps all businesses not only reach, but exceed their goals. Our experience helps us lay out a strategy that perfectly fits our clients. This collaboration is essential for the successful transition from strategy, to plan, to action. Learn about some of our past projects below, and get in touch to see what we can do for you.

Some of Our Past and Current Projects


BMW Munich

BMW AG is a German multinational corporation which produces luxury vehicles and motorcycles.


From 2012 to 2014, the architects and developers at ASENO were responsible for the concept, specification, implementation, testing and launch / release of the BMW AG online configurator.


The website, based on portal technology, including backend components (CRM, Author and Publisher, Web Analytics) was launched very successfully in several countries:,,, 


ING Nuremberg

ING (or ING DiBa) is one of the biggest and fast-growing online banks in Germany.

ASENO engineers very successfully supported the internal software team at ING DiBa in setting up, analyzing, developing and launching a customer context platform.

The platform - based on BigData and SpeedData technology (realtime / near time data analysis and push notifications) went live in 2017 and is still used extensively for customer notifications and fraud detection, among other things.


VKB Munich

The Munich-based Versicherungskammer Bayern (VKB) Group is the largest public insurer of personal and property insurance in Germany.

ASENO advises and trains the internal employees of VKB on BigData, SpeedData, Lambda Architecture, Cloud-Native Applications and Data-Analysis.


Within several workshops, the internal engineers were able to independently set up several environments (CD/CI pipelines, Microservices, Messaging, Container-Platforms, SQL / NoSQL databases).


BA Nuremberg

The IT system house of the Federal Employment Agency (BA) is responsible for the strategic alignment, further development and security of several internal software products.

ASENO is currently advising BA on business-critical infrastructure components, container platforms and cloud-native applications.


In the past few years, BigData products for the analysis, processing and visualization of internal data have been successfully introduced in the productive environment.

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